4 Top Tips on How to Chase Your Dream

Within every girl, there is a one-of-a-kind, can’t-live-without-it spark — a passion that never ceases to bring a smile to her face and a twinkle in her eye. Sparks and passion are the building blocks to a dream. Essentially, if a person’s dream is a house, then passion is the foundation and sparks are the details, furniture and fixtures that make a house a home. In preparation for the 2022 Dream it. Do it. Be it. virtual event, we are reflecting on the ways we can teach our girls to pursue their dreams, no matter their size or scope.

The pathway to achieving a dream is as unique as a goal itself. Just as one person may aspire to invent something that’s never existed before, another may dream of traveling and making connections around the world. What is unanimous for all, though, is that it’s never too early to begin this important journey! Check out these 4 tips on how to chase your dream!

Create a vision board

What is it your girl loves? What constantly captures her attention or makes her light shine? Ask her these questions to proceed with step one of creating a vision board! Next, have her reflect intently, jot her answers down on paper, then think about how she can connect those to a dream or goal. Thanks to the technology of iPads and computers, your girl can make her vision board digitally or by hand.

If possible, we recommend the latter, simply because it will give her a chance to do an activity that requires hands-on writing, creativity, craftiness, and innovation. First, on a blank poster or canvas, tell your girl to write her dream in the center. Next, using magazines, newspapers, photos or other printed images, have her cut (or tear) out pictures that are related to her dream. Suggest mixing in a combination of hand-written words and drawings into the collage clippings! Be sure to leave some blank space, though, as her dream is likely to evolve and require additional details!

Explore options and research

Sometimes establishing a dream takes a little research, reflection and exploration. The first step to this tip is keeping an open mind. In the end, there are no wrong dreams if you are honest with yourself and follow your heart. If your girl has not yet expressed her dream to you, encourage her to try out new activities (sports, art, writing, dance, music) and show her examples of different careers, interests and role models.

Create a safe, judgment-free zone for her to ask questions and start conversations. When she shares, applaud her for thinking deeply and thank her for her unique ideas. It is critical to follow up on these discussions with a next step, whether it’s signing up for a club, reading a book or simply having a second conversation. Even if she fails, let her know that her experiences will contribute to her long-term achievements, teach her a unique lesson and ultimately set her on the pathway in which she was destined.

Plan ahead and take baby steps

All things of great substance take time, planning and patience! We will always encourage our girls to reach for the stars, but with big goals come little steps. Persistence is pivotal here, as is thinking strategically and specifically. A smart way to begin planning with your girl is by identifying her main goal, then work backward from there. What steps does she need to take to ultimately reach that point? Map those out in order, identify a realistic timeline and create easily attainable sub-steps.

Goal coaching experts at BetterUp recommend creating a ‘goal ladder’. This exercise entails, “writing your main goal at the top rung of the ladder. From there, work your way through the rest of the ladder steps, writing down the smaller goals you need to achieve in order to achieve your main goal.” We love this idea as it gives girls an additional visual tool to help bring their dreams to life.

Find an accountability partner

In addition to being a provider of love and encouragement during your girl’s dream journey, it is also important to be her accountability buddy. Like most major tasks, having a support system makes all the difference in the world. Create tangible reminders for yourself to check in with your girl on her dream. Remember that timeline you created? Enter in those dates on your calendar and see how your girl is doing in her progress. As your girl grows up, her dreams will likely also alter in some capacity, so by intentionally initiating conversations about her goals, you will always know where she is in her process. It is sometimes difficult for girls to always maintain motivation, so by reminding her why she started and that you believe in her, she can be confident once again to pursue her goal.

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