Move United’s Inclusive Playbook: A Resource for Every Family 

Girls on the Run is for every girl, no exceptions. Run, hop, roll, walk, push or skip – participants of all abilities have a place  on our teams. Creating a welcoming space where all girls belong has been a pillar of our program since 1996. So now in 2022, we are honored to be an Inclusion Champion in partnership with Move United. Together, our goal is to ensure that every girl has equal access to inclusive and adaptive Girls on the Run programming.  

A key part of Move United’s work includes an Inclusive Playbook which helps make kids more aware of disabilities through adaptive sport. This fun, educational workbook helps bridge the gap between individuals with and without disabilities while they are young.  

No matter their ability level, GOTR participants deserve the opportunity to maintain strong feelings of empowerment long after they cross the finish line.  And the best way to support our girls’ ongoing self-worth – whether they are at school, with friends or at home – is through thoughtful conversations, attention and resources, such as an Inclusive Playbook. Keep GOTR’s mission in the heart of your girl by introducing the Inclusive Playbook into your family’s life. This spirit of inclusivity will forever impact your girl’s long-term growth and joy. 

We spoke to Cayla Hammaker, senior education manager at Move United, to learn more about Move United and the Inclusive Playbook. Keep reading to see how you can incorporate the Playbook into your family fun time. 

Hello, Move United! Please introduce yourself to the GOTR audience!  

Hello, GOTR! We are so excited to be collaborating with your network of GOTR councils. Move United is a national organization, made up of more than 200 member organizations, that provides opportunities for individuals with disabilities to develop independence, confidence, and fitness through participation in sports. Like GOTR, Move United wants all individuals to feel accepted, valued, and have a place of belonging in their communities.  

How did the partnership between Move United and GOTR originate?  

Move United and GOTR joined forces over a mutual desire to create opportunities where girls with disabilities feel welcome. GOTR programs build confidence and help the girls acquire a sense of empowerment and strength through sport. Move United has a similar goal, with a focus on the disability community. Together, GOTR and Move United can harness their collective resources to elevate the number of children of all abilities to get active.  

What does it mean for GOTR to be a Move United Inclusion Champion?  

To be a Move United Inclusion Champion means that GOTR is committed to values of inclusion, equity, and access for all children. By sharing the Inclusive Playbook to families, GOTR is fueling conversations between individuals with and without disabilities at a young age.

Tell us more about the Inclusive Playbook! 

Move United’s Inclusive Playbook is an educational workbook which educates children on disability awareness through the lens of adaptive sports. The workbook consists of two parts, the Playbook and Playmat. The Playbook is designed for children in 3rd to 6th grades, and the Playmat is designed for children in kindergarten to 2nd grades. Families can download the free resources on Move United’s website.  

What are the top takeaways of the Inclusive Playbook? 

The main goal is to provide a tool that will help all kids have an equal opportunity to participate in sports and recreation in their schools and communities. Through the Playbook, disabilities are destigmatized at a young age. Move United envisions a world where all children are included in activities without hesitation, whether it be by their peers, coaches, teachers, etc.

How can GOTR families engage with the Inclusive Playbook? 

GOTR families can download the Inclusive Playbook through Move United’s website. Families may use the Playbook as a fun activity in their homes. Soon, Move United will release a Spanish copy of the Inclusive Playbook to include even more communities. Copies in Braille are also available.  

 Where do you see Move United heading in the future? 

In conclusion, Move United’s vision is that every person, regardless of ability, has an equal opportunity to participate in sports and recreation in their community. By 2028, the same year that the US hosts Olympic and Paralympic Games in Los Angeles, our goal is that 90% of Americans will live within fifty miles of access to accessible sports. Through collaborating with national leaders like GOTR, this vision will become a reality and more children will have access to sport in their local communities. 

After you check out the Inclusive Playbook, be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming GOTR programs in your community!