Representation Activity for Girls: Representation Rummage + Muse Move

Representation is seeing others like you and knowing you belong. Seeing positive examples of girls and women who are “like them” is important for girls’ social, emotional and mental well-being. Representation fuels how restricted or free girls are to live up to their greatest potential — both now and as they grow up — and can impact all areas of their lives. 

Let’s go on a scavenger hunt — a Representation Rummage! Representation is seeing others like you and knowing you belong. Find examples of girls and women who are “like you,” who you admire and who you want to be like because of something they have done or stand for. Then, go for a Muse Move with your grown-up and imagine what it would be like to live like her. Talk about the characteristics, contributions or beliefs you admire about the girl or woman “like you.”

Click here for an exclusive downloadable representation activity! For more activities like this, visit our Parent Resources page.

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