6 Smart Tips to Stay Motivated to Run This Summer

Nothing crushes your motivation to run as much as stepping outside and realizing that the weather is not what you anticipated. When the temperatures rise, so does the temptation to stay inside with the air conditioner on full blast. For tips on how to stay motivated to lace up, we talked to running bloggers about how they continue to pound the pavement during sweltering summer heat:

  1. If you live near an ocean or a lake, plan a run that ends with a swim. Nothing is better than jumping in the cool water after a hot run! – Gabrielle from Marathons and Macarons
  2. Hit the stairs once a week to spice up your running routine. Hit the stadium stairs at your local track or find a good long staircase nearby. You can run one mile to warm up, then do two 10-15 stairs intervals with a half-mile run in between. Cool down by running a half mile to end. – Katie Bottini
  3. Run with friends and commit to meeting each other for runs. You’re not going to hit snooze if you know your RBFs (that’s Running Best Friends, of course) are waiting for you at the track. My running group calls them “accountabilibuddies.” Plus, running with friends is way more fun than flying solo. You get to catch up and indulge in some girl talk every step of the way, and the miles tend to fly by when you have good company. – Ali on the Run
  4. Freezing your water bottle overnight before your run is a good way to stay cool on your run. Even just holding something cold in your hand will keep you cool on a hot day. – Gabrielle from Marathons and Macarons
  5. In the hot summer months, take a break from the pavement on days it’s too hot or humid by hitting the trails. Even though you may be running at a slower pace, more inclines, lateral movements and more mental thought to where you place each foot will keep you on your toes — literally! Plus, the trees and extra shade will keep you cooler! – Katie Bottini
  6. My favorite summer running mantra is “Hot summer runs lead to cool fall PRs.” This mantra reminds me that those tough workouts in the dog days of summer pay off in the fall, when the temperatures drop and I transform from a slogging caterpillar to a running butterfly. I say it to myself over and over again in the summer months. Somehow, every time, I perk up and dig a little deeper. – Karla Bruning from Run, Karla, Run!

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