July Theme:

A strong sense of identity and self-expression is a foundation for girls in creating a healthy lifestyle. Because of Girls on the Run, girls look inward to explore who they are and want to be – and we believe every girl should celebrate the unique things that bring them joy! Activate your joy today by participating in the following activities!


Activity Sheet

It’s time to reflect! Check out this reflection activity to identify what brings you joy in your daily life!


Workout Video

We live in a fast-paced world, but at Girls on the Run, we encourage girls to find their happy pace. This month, we are slowing it down! Watch and participate in this 15-minute yoga- and Pilates-inspired workout for girls.


Spotify Playlist

Listen to these joyful tunes via Spotify to create a positive atmosphere.

We would love to celebrate her for participating in these activities! Post photos to your favorite social channels using #adidasSummerSeries.

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