Powerful Practice Highlights from Across the Country

Every season of Girls on the Run is an adventure. Like so many life experiences, at Girls on the Run, the ride (practice) is just as meaningful and exciting as the destination (5K Celebration). With each passing week, teammates engage in intentional lessons and activities that build upon one another. There is never a moment where girls are not expanding their skill sets or deepening their understanding of themselves. As participants increase their confidence, they become inspired to share this spark with those around them. Throughout the process, small steps lead to big achievements, and impact participants’ whole health — mind, body and spirit.  

Right now, from coast to coast, GOTR teams are about halfway through the spring 2023 season. From lesson one to the practice 5K, team members everywhere are already proving that their capabilities are boundless. Positive transformations, boosted self-assurance, and new friendships are taking off with no signs of slowing down.  

The mid-season is truly where the magic is made. Based on the progress girls have displayed, they are about ready to cross the 5K finish line, take on future adventures and pursue goals later in life. Check out this incredible roundup of powerful practice highlights from across the country!

Lesson: Connecting as a Girls on the Run Team/Becoming a Girls on the Run team 

Lesson summary and learning goals: For many teams, this is the inaugural lesson to Girls on the Run seasons. During this lesson, participants meet each other and learn about Girls on the Run. Coaches establish basic expectations that will foster a positive, inclusive environment. Girls begin to build connections within their Girls on the Run team. Finally, teammates identify and celebrate similarities and differences. 

GOTR Rhode Island

GOTR Southeastern Wisconsin

GOTR Maine

Lesson: Choosing to be a Girl on the Run 

Lesson summary and learning goals: Throughout the Choosing to be a Girl on the Run lesson, participants recognize their ability to choose their attitudes and actions that show respect for themselves and others. By understanding these choices, team members can learn how to support one another and work well together. This lesson also places emphasis on the concept of living with intention.  

GOTR Lehigh Valley

Lesson: Unlocking our Star Power 

Lesson summary and learning goals: During this lesson, participants practice using visualization to positively impact their thinking, feelings and behaviors. Girls find strategies for activating their Star Power. Finally, participants recognize when they need help from others to activate their Star Power. 

GOTR Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC (Pittsburgh) 

GOTR Maine

Lesson: Self Talk Matters 

Lesson summary and learning goals: This lesson helps girls identify negative self-talk and how it influences their lives. Team members learn how to catch negative self-talk and replace it with positive self-talk. In activities, participants provide one another with positive alternatives to negative self-talk. 

GOTR East Central Ohio 

Lesson: Finding Balance

Lesson summary and learning goals: In this lesson, participants explore the concept of maintaining balance in their lives. It also helps girls recognize the parts of their star where they can find balance. Finally, at the end of the Finding Balance lesson, girls practice interval movement. 

GOTR Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC (Pittsburgh) 

Lesson: Exploring Emotions  

Lesson summary and learning goals: This lesson helps teammates name the emotions they experience. It also inspires girls to explore comfortable and uncomfortable emotions.  

GOTR Central Iowa

GOTR Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC (Pittsburgh)


GOTR Northern Virginia

Lesson: Stop and Take a BrThRR 

Lesson summary and learning goals: In this lesson, girls recognize how their bodies react when they experience strong, uncomfortable emotions. Throughout the practice, participants learn a Girls on the Run strategy (BrThRR – breathe, think, respond, review) for dealing with intense emotions. By the end of the lesson, girls understand that they have a choice in how they respond to situations.

GOTR New Jersey North

Lesson: Empathy 

Lesson summary and learning goals: The Girls on the Run Empathy lesson defines what empathy means to participants. The lesson helps girls identify the steps in expressing empathy. Additionally, girls practice how to show empathy in a variety of situations. 

GOTR South Louisiana

Lesson: Making Friends 

Lesson summary and learning goals: During the Making Friends lesson, participants learn how to understand that friendship takes time and effort. Throughout the lesson, girls deepen their relationships with their fellow teammates.  

GOTR Union County

Lesson: Communicating with Others 

Lesson summary and learning goals: At this practice, girls gain strategies for communicating with others and recognize the importance of communication. Additionally, participants also learn how to stand up for themselves.

GOTR Fon du Lac (Wisconsin)

Lesson: Working as a Team 

Lesson summary and learning goals: For the Working as a Team lesson, participants practice cooperation with others. Throughout the lesson, girls gain a greater understanding of how cooperation impacts a team.

GOTR West Michigan

Lesson: How we Help 

Lesson summary and learning goals: The How we Help lesson has participants list the communities in which each girl belongs. Next, girls recognize how they can each help their community. By the end of the lesson, participants understand that they all play an important part on the team. 

GOTR Central Virginia and Blue Ridge

Lesson: Practice 5K 

Lesson summary and learning goals: On 5K Practice day, girls have the opportunity to practice a goal they have been working toward all season – completing a 5K. This special day encourages participants to think about how strong they are mentally, emotionally and physically. At this practice, girls set goals for the 5K Celebration and learn that hard work allows them to set goals they can accomplish. 

GOTR Union County

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