Step by Step, Sis to Sis

Every night before bed, Jo packed up for school.

She packed her pencils and her homework, and a jacket if it was cool.


Tonight as she zipped up the front of her backpack pouch,

Her little sister Evie plopped next to her on the couch.


“Why are you packing your sneakers,” Evie asked her big sister, Jo.

“What are you doing after school? Do you have some place to go?”


“Well since tomorrow is Tuesday, that means I have Girls on the Run.

I meet twice a week with my new friends for all kinds of running fun.”


“Is that where you got those popsicle sticks and bracelets you wear all the time?”

“You bet! The sticks help me count my laps, and the bracelets remind me to shine!”


“Shine what? Your shoes? Do they get dirty from all the running you do?”

“No, silly, my Star Power! And you have it too!”


“That sounds neat, I think I’ll join!” said Evie as she ran to fetch her shoes.

“Slow down, Evie. Since you’re just a 2nd grader, GOTR starts next year for you.”


“In the meantime I’ll fill you in on what it’s like to be on a GOTR team,

You’ll learn what it’s like to set a goal and work towards a dream!”


“You’ll practice many times how to stop, think, breathe, and respond.

You’ll leave confident enough to run a 5K and beyond!”


“After GOTR you’ll have different friends that weren’t yours before,

And you’ll have the BEST coaches who always have surprises in store.”


“You’ll be better at sharing your feelings, and making up with friends.”

“Will I grow as much as you?” Evie asked, “Well, that depends.”


“It depends on if you show up to practice, and speak up each day.

And if you really think about the lessons, and respond in a thoughtful way.”

“There’s never a time during practice when you will feel lost or bored,

And if you really give your all you might just get an Energy Award!”

“If you try your best I know your season will be just as fun as mine,

There’s no better feeling than crossing that finish line!”

“But the best thing about GOTR is not just learning patience and respect,

But also how you learn to give back in the Community Impact Project!”

“Though you learn a ton about yourself, you also think about people in need,

And at the end of the season you help them by doing a good deed!’

“But wait, when does the running happen? You must’ve packed your sneaks for a reason.”

“Of course! We run every day and a 5K celebration at the end of the season!”

“Wow! This all seems so fun. I can’t wait until it’s my turn,

I’ll grow, and listen, and oh – all the things I will learn!”

“You should be excited! GOTR is something you don’t want to miss.

Take it from me, a GOTR girl, and most importantly, your big sis.”


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