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Starting at the age of nine, girls’ confidence begins to drop, and by the time they reach the age of 10, their physical activity levels begin to follow suit. Girls on the Run is a physical activity-based positive youth development program that supports girls' physical, social and emotional development during this critical life stage. Independent research shows Girls on the Run is effective in teaching girls critical life skills, increasing girls' physcial activity and fostering improvements in girls' confidence. By joining the Girls on the Run movement today, you can help more girls be joyful, healthy and confident.

Sign up for a team, get invovled as a coach or make an impact locally – contact your closest council today!

81% of Girls on the Run councils indicate that a lack of coaches is the biggest barrier to participation in the program. You have a tremendous opportunity to help girls understand the true inner power they possess; to serve as the critical ‘fuel’ that propels them forward in life. As a volunteer coach for Girls on the Run, you can unleash the strength, bravery, and limitless potential of girls right in your community. Won’t you join us?

There is nothing more empowering than helping a girl see her potential when she can't see it herself. In Fiscal Year 2017, Girls on the Run provided over $12 million in financial assistance to ensure that all girls can know and activate their limitless potential and boldly pursue their dreams. Your investment will make a profound difference in the life of a girl.

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