Boardroom Resource Hub

The following resources are intended to support board operations, development and engagement. These resources can be used to assist with strategic planning, board operations, board member expectations, board member job descriptions, board recruitment, board member onboarding, board evaluations, council director performance reviews and more!

All resources and documents on this page can also be found on the Council Portal by clicking here. Note that hyperlinks included within documents on this page link to the Council Portal. Questions about accessing the Council Portal or GOTR Learning Academy may be directed to 

 Development Resources

  1. Governance Timeline: Outlines the basic functions of a Governance Committee with recommended operations and timelines based on a fiscal year.
  2. Board Self-Evaluation tool: Identifies areas of growth and opportunity for mid-year and/or annual check-ins with board members. Consider also using the Board Impact Summary tool to capture board members’ personal contributions based on their role and expectations.
  3. Board Evaluation tool: Captures and understands each member’s annual overall board experience and feedback.
  4. Sample Bylaws: Explains the legally binding rules that outline how the board of a nonprofit will operate. While they are unique to each organization, nonprofit bylaws generally have a similar structure and use.
  5. Position Descriptions: Outlines the overall board member role, each officer position and committee roles.

Recruitment, Orientation and Onboarding Resources

  1. READ FIRST: Steps to creating a diverse board
  2. Key Considerations to Creating a Diverse Board
  3. Board Matrix: Assist your council’s recruitment efforts by assessing your current board composition and identifying opportunities to diversify and/or expand your board.
  4. Recruitment Outlets & Strategy: Enhance your recruitment efforts with this comprehensive list of creative outlets to diversify your board.
  5. Sample Board Member Marketing Language 
  6. Example Conversation Questions 
  7. Onboarding Check List and Board Binder: Use these supportive onboarding documents to get started.
  8. Board Interest Form Pinwheel Instructions
  9. Board Member Expectations & Commitment Example
  10. New Board Member Orientation and Onboarding Check List
  11. Board Orientation Options, Best Practices and Considerations
  12. Board Binder Example
  13. Board Orientation PowerPoint Template
  14. Individual Board Member Fundraising Plan Example

Board Training

Board Fundamentals Webinar Series (55 minutes)

Pre-recorded, release on January 4, 2023

The Board Fundamentals webinar series is designed for board members and council directors. After the four-part series, you will be able to explain the importance of board position profiles and expectations, nonprofit committee structures, healthy governance operations and the board recruitment and onboarding process. Each part may be watched independently or as part of the larger series. This series may be used as staff or board training, during board orientation and onboarding, an overall personal refresher, or as a board assessment of best practices.

Part 1: Board Member Experience (16 mins)

Part 2: Committee Structures and Best Practices (10 mins)

Part 3: Healthy Governance Operations (18 mins)

Part 4: Board Recruitment to Build a Diverse & Engaged Board (11 mins)

Board Training Playlist

The board playlist is a comprehensive training designed for board members, and ideal for board member orientation and onboarding. The playlist includes the Board 4-part webinar series, Good to GOTR, GOTR Need to Know, and Board Fiduciary Responsibilities.


Council Director Resources

  1. Executive Director job description: Use to recruit the executive director role and as a guide for setting annual executive director individual goals and objectives.
  2. Council Director SMART Goals & Evaluation template: Each staff member, especially the executive director, should create (with support from the Board Chair and/or Gov Committee) individual annual goals and objectives that measure success, track progress, identify areas of opportunities, and serves as an accountability and feedback tool.
  3. Succession Planning Guide: Successfully managing the departure of a Council Director in tandem with the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding of a new executive is a process that typically requires strategic planning. Boards can get ahead of the game by thinking through the desired course of action when a Council Director transition occurs. 

Top 3 Board Resources

#1 Adjusted Mission Advancement Markers & Workbook

#2 Council Build Back + Build Back Stronger – Three Build Back Phases

#3 GOTR Strategic Map 2022-2023

IDEA Resources & Updates

The IDEA Strategic Planning toolkit assists councils in effectively incorporating the organization’s IDEA Strategic Imperatives into strategic plans. Councils may use the toolkit resources independently or through a cohort structure launching in January 2022. 

  • Three Strength Through Connectedness (STC) groups will launch in late 2021. These affinity groups are peer-led and provide a space for belonging and action for our organization’s marginally represented groups.
  • The Council Leadership Initiative launched and supported 13 pilot councils in implementing inclusive hiring practices to increase diverse staff representation. 36% of staff hired through the pilot identified as BIPOC.
  • June board survey insights will inform work on a board recruitment toolkit along with opportunities for board member IDEA collaboration.
  • GOTR HQ is partnering with the Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium (MEAC) on an external IDEA curriculum review. 76 councils provided over 3,6,000 responses from participants, coaches and families. The final results will be shared with councils in December.
  • The IDEA Subcommittees are currently reviewing the GOTR HQ Policy manual through an IDEA lens. Work is in place to launch a toolkit and cohort opportunity for councils ready to embed IDEA imperatives into their council’s strategic plan.